by Lloyd King
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1                          MONOLITH 

This mysterious monolith was recently discovered on the planet Mars. How tall is it? 

2                   LETTER SEQUENCE 

Which other circle should be black to complete the sequence below? 

3                   A DIFFERENT SLANT 

A, B, C and D are four sleeping ladybugs on a perfectly flat tabletop. What is the direct distance between ladybugs A and C? 

4                        HOME ALONE 

Which home below is incomplete? 

5                      TRENDSETTER 

What six-letter word is missing from this sequence? 


6                   ALPHABET TICKLE 

Take away one of the letters in this grid and yet still leave all 26 letters of the alphabet. 

7                 THE MAGIC WORD 

After hours of searching the castle you eventually find the mysterious Room 88 at the end of a long gloomy corridor. Appropriately enough, it has “R88” on it. You try to open the door, but it is locked. Suddenly a ghostly voice from inside murmurs: “Say the magic word and the door will open.” What word should you say? 

8              THE SAUCY SORCERER 

One day a saucy sorcerer winks at a witch. She immediately pays him back by turning him into a toad. Can you take away six of the seven shapes below to leave a sort of toad? 

9                       GIVE ME FIVE! 

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, ? 

Can you find the number below, which comes next in the above series? 

6, 15, 18, 20, 25. 

10                   DOWN PAYMENT 

A wizard pops into his local magic store to buy a new pet toad. Unfortunately, he only has £2 on him and the toad costs quite a bit more than this. He therefore asks the shopkeeper if he can pay £1 now and the rest the following week. The kind shopkeeper agrees to this and the wizard leaves the store happy with £1 in his pocket and a toad. How much does the toad cost?

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