Marc Heremans
Brief bio (Marc by Marc): 

School psychologist, mainly experienced in learning disabilities; psychologist of Mensa-Belgium and Mensa-Youth-Belgium (association dedicated to gifted children aged 9-16). 
Member of Mensa and various HIQ societies (Cerebrals, Civiq, Glia, Ultranet, Prometheus, Helliq; what allows me to be in touch with - often - many profoundly interesting people). 
Fields of interests: Psychometry, evolutionary psychology and ethology, neuro-sciences, cognitive psychology, philosopy and history of sciences ("fan" of Popper, Kuhn, Allan Chalmers), behavior genetics, sciences in general. 
Don't like: TV, psychoanalysis, homeopathy, astrology, science-fiction (I think I am atypical in the HIQ community!) and many other "obvious" things (racism, war, Bush, for instance). 
Hobbies: carom billiard, yams, home tests, puzzles, etc.